Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Democracy Lives! Clean and Ethical Elections Supported by District 6 Voters

Rey Garduño’s family, friends and supporters have made clean elections a viable democratic process. By gathering the required $5 contributions and signatures, 10 days ahead of time, Garduño is the first candidate in this inaugural publicly financed election to qualify. He will be taking this momentum into his candidacy, knowing that his support is widespread and community-based.

Garduño has pledged not to take money from Special Interests, by utilizing public financing he will be able to concentrate on discussion of the issues with his constituents. Rather than wasting time making deals with powerbrokers for large donations, he will be listening to his constituents in District 6.

When asked what this meant to Albuquerque, he said, “The city spoke loudly last election when they voted for Clean and Ethical Elections, by a margin of 72%. My qualifying this early means the people in my district have also spoken; by their own actions they have determined that a $5 contribution to the Clean Elections Fund is a small price to pay for Democracy. This is historic, yet this is the way all democratic elections should be conducted.”

Garduño, a progressive candidate, will be gathering petition signatures beginning June 1st for his candidacy and preparing for the campaign to fill the City Council District 6 seat being vacated by Martin Heinrich. Heinrich has announced his candidacy for the U.S. House Seat in New Mexico District 1.