Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Human Rights Week

Tonight is the culmanation of Human Rights Week in Albuquerque with a program being sponsored by the Albuquerque United Nations Association and Veterans for Peace. The event will take place at Smith-Brasher Hall, which is on the corner of University and Coal, at 6pm.

The moderator for this event is your very own District 6 City Councilor Rey Garduño.

Here is program schedule;
6:00 pm – Refreshments
7:00 pm - Program: MODERATOR: Rey Garduno, member of
Albuquerque City Council

Songs by The Raging Grannies
Introduction of Moderator
Reading of City Proclamation
Reports by participating organizations
Awarding of Essay Contest Prize by Veterans for Peace
Reports of other organizations

SPEAKER: Ladonna Harris, President of Americans for
Indian Opportunity (AIO)

Questions and Discussion; A Charge to Protect

Monday, December 8, 2008

Special Council Meeting Tonight

Tonight at 5pm in the Vincent E. Griego Council Chambers, the City Council will hold a special meeting to hear Election Code/Municipal Elections Bills that were defered from the last Council meeting on December 1st.

At that meeting Vice-President Sally Mayer asked to have these bill discussed and voted on together at a Special Meeting.

These bills are resolutions to some problems that occurred during the first public financed election in Albuquerque in October 2007.

The Bills are O-08-52, O-08-53, and O-08-54;

These bills if adopted:
(1) increases the number of campaign finance reports from six to nine. In
addition it requires campaign contributions of over $250 for a Council election
and over $500 for a Mayoral election to be reported the following day if
received in the week preceding an election;
(2) defines the word "expenditure" for purposes of requiring a campaign
finance report. An "expenditure" under the bill would include the creation of an
obligation to make a payment or provide a service. This is an attempt to deal
with the problem of a candidate incurring an obligation but not paying or
reporting that obligation until later, including after an election; and,
(3) allows a single form to be used both to receipt a five dollar
qualifying contribution and as a candidate petition. Legislation sponsored by
Councilors O’Malley, Benton and Garduno.

Also, to be heard is R-08-142;

This bill if adopted would call on the City Clerk to initiate the process
to amend the regulations governing the Open and Ethical Elections Ordinance. The
bill does not mandate any change but does request that certain changes be
considered. The changes for consideration are:
(1) specifying the time of day when the Qualifying Period ends; and
(2) specifying that seed money is deducted from the amount of public funds
distributed; and,
(3) allow funds to be expended on the last three days before an election if
it is determined that such amounts are to be distributed even if those funds
have not yet been distributed.