Thursday, November 29, 2007

City Councilor Rey Garduño Announces Community Advisory Board

For Immediate Release:

City Councilor Rey Garduño Announces Community Advisory Board.

On the same day that he will be sworn in as District 6 city councilor, Rey Garduño is announcing that he plans to be the city councilor that truly represents the entire community. He has put together an informal Community Advisory Board made up of health, gay & lesbian, peace & justice, African American, Native, Chicano, Asian, immigrant, and democracy advocates, community organizers, water, labor & environmental justice leaders, youth and most importantly District 6 community members. “The city council is the governing body of the City of Albuquerque; it belongs to the people of Albuquerque, not to the city councilors. We are their representatives. I plan on putting the people back into government,” said Rey Garduño.

This over 20 member Community Advisory Board will serve as a sounding board for the new city councilor, so that he can get a community analysis of the issues that face District 6 and the city as a whole. “This will help him to better represent his constituents in the legislation that he proposes and how he votes on the many bills up for consideration on the city council,” said Javier Benavidez a member of the advisory board.

Summing up the Community Advisory Board, Garduño said, “It’s really the way government should function, and the way it was always meant to function: For the People, By the People.”

Community Advisory Board Members:
Steve Allen
Floy Barrett
Javier Benavidez
Aurea Cardiel
Enrique Cardiel
Lucille Córdova
Chris Fairchild
Ilsa Garduño
Tomás Garduño
Kizito Wijenje
Rachel Lazar
Joaquin Lujan
James Maestas
Don & Michelle Meaders
Michelle Melendez
Ann Nihlen
Eric Schmieder
Lauro Silva
Phil Tonne
Sonny Weahkee
Lisa Wisdom
The list is dynamic, and is sure to grow as time goes by. If you are interested in being on Rey's Community Advisory Board, email Rey at

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got 49% of the vote, blowing all three other candidates out of the water, by over twice as many votes. Political pundints and jounalists who didn't think we could do it will have to seriously rethink their relevance and pulse of the community. We knew it all along, because we were out there talking to the community, something they should be doing more of.

We knew it already, but this huge victory proves that Republican's disguised as Democrats using dirty Karl Rove smear campaigns can't beat the People when we come together and say Ya Basta!

We are at a turning point in 'Burque. An era where people matter most, and profits the least has begun!

Check back for updates on what Rey and the community crew is up to now that we have taken a little bit of power back. There's no stopping us now.

Smile, We Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ELECTION DAY! Make Sure to Vote Today!

It's finally here! The polls will be opening in one hour, at 7am and will be open till 7pm. If you have questions about where your polling place is please call Campaign Manager Tomás Garduño at 301-6671

Smile, We Are Winning!

Monday, October 1, 2007

ABQ Tribune Endorses Rey!

Along with the Alibi and every progressive public official in New Mexico, the Tribune endorses Rey Garduño for City Council District 6.

9-29-07 Editorial: The Tribune recommends

The Tribune's endorsements in Tuesday's Albuquerque elections

The Tribune today is publishing all of its endorsements in Tuesday's Albuquerque municipal elections. We are endorsing in all City Council districts facing elections except District 8, where the candidate is unopposed.
City Council races

District 6 - Rey Garduño
In this race involving four good candidates, Garduño stands out as the one who most fiercely advocates for the expanses of District 6 that some consider disadvantaged. His positions in favor of smart growth and inner-city redevelopment will benefit other District 6 areas that are prospering more lately, such as Nob Hill - but he's clear about wanting to bring the kind of attention given to Nob Hill to other parts of the district.
Garduño has been living in and advocating for the district for 33 years. The longtime businessman, public information officer for Albuquerque Public Schools and recently retired University of New Mexico Hospital employee is unabashedly "progressive" - as is much of his district. His higher-profile work has included fighting for open and ethical elections, and a higher minimum wage in Albuquerque. But he has also been involved in community organizing around any number of issues in the Southeast Heights. He has received the blessing of by far the largest raft of progressive political figures.
Garduño's aggressiveness, compared with other candidates', on important issues such as restraining urban sprawl, is likely to cause some contention on the council and with the Mayor's Office. But there's no doubt Garduño cares deeply about his district and city.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Last Push! We Only Have 4 More Days! It's Time To Volunteer.

Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters of The Rey Garduño for City Council Campaign,

It's crunch time, and we need our supporters to get out and volunteer their time to ensure that we win this one!

We have many ways to help out:

Saturday, September 29th from 10am-1pm: Door-Knocking (Meet at Rey's home 414 Vassar NE, Direction below)

Sunday, September 30th from 10am-1pm: Door-Knocking (Meet at Rey's home 414 Vassar NE)

Sunday, September 30th from 4-8pm: Phonebanking (Meet at Rey's home 414 Vassar NE)

Monday, October 1st from 4-8pm: Phonebanking (Meet at Rey's home 414 Vassar NE)

Tuesday ALL DAY: Poll Chearleaders, Phonebanking, Drivers, Runners. (Just call us and we'll assign you a task! )

Please call Joaquin Lujan at 400-6545 or respond to this email with the times that you can volunteer.

Also, We will be watching the results and celebrating our victory at Rey's home 414 Vassar NE on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd from 8-11pm.

Everyone is Invited!


The Rey Garduño for City Council Campaign

Directions to Rey's home: 414 Vassar NE. From Central and Girard, North on Girard to Campus, West on Campus to Vassar, North on Vassar, first house on the right.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Weekly Alibi Endorses Rey! Can we get any more endorsements?

District 6

The Alibi Endorses: Rey Garduño
District 6 is lucky. It has a track record of excellent councilors. Hess Yntema, one of Albuquerque’s all-time favorites, filled the seat for more than a decade. When he left four years ago, the position was filled by “movie star Martin” Heinrich, who has come to be another city favorite. Heinrich has garnered such a large fan base in his district and in Albuquerque that he’s decided to pull a “Heinrich maneuver” (you have no idea how long we’ve been waiting to use that term) and run for Congressional District One against incumbent Heather Wilson. That little move leaves his Council seat wide open, and now several outstanding candidates have entered the ring to take his place.
Like we said, District 6 is lucky. District 9 doesn’t even get a choice as to who its next councilor is because only one person is running. The other districts at least have races, but they still don’t compare to District 6, which has four savvy, knowledgeable and articulate candidates willing to work full-time for a relatively thankless job at less than $10,000 a year. All four would make good councilors. Three would be excellent—but, forced to choose, we did come out with a favorite, who we think would be best of all.
Rey Garduño has been living in District 6 in the same house for 33 years. During that time, he’s owned two local businesses and worked with a host of organizations (Common Cause New Mexico, CNM, the Spina Bifada Association, the Kiwanis Club, the Hispano Chamber of Commerce, the SouthWest Organizing Project, All Faiths Receiving Homes, more than 20 years working with APS and UNM Hospitals, etc.), exemplifying a long history of social activism. In fact, when we were going through archived issues for our anniversary a couple weeks ago, we found a picture of Garduño getting his eyes washed out after being sprayed with mace at the infamous 2003 peace march.
Garduño has a string of progressive ideas he’d like to see implemented in his district and in the city. He wants to revitalize some of the area’s more blighted neighborhoods, such as East Trumbull and La Mesa. But he wants to do so in a way that takes residents’ desires into account instead of pushing some cookie-cutter solution on the problem. He wants to explore practical ways of expanding our transportation service, such as with an excellent idea to use small, fuel-efficient, van-like buses (“collectivos”) that can go through neighborhoods where normal buses can’t. That, in addition to expanding arterial bus routes, could gradually increase ridership numbers until the city is ready for light rail and trolleys. Other cities like Portland have followed a similar model.
Garduño was also the only candidate who recognized that certain developments shouldn’t be allowed to build if we don’t have the water to support them. As he said, “We can’t promise water to anyone who wants it.” Garduño is focused on using what we have as wisely and efficiently as possible without relying on outside and unreliable sources of water to save us. Yet Garduño is by no means anti-development and believes in investing in smart projects, such as infill and redevelopment.
He has made a couple of mistakes in his past. He’s been criticized for using his UNM e-mail address to send out a campaign-related letter. He admits that, in hindsight, he shouldn’t have used it. But in his defense, he’s allowed personal use of the address for life as a retired UNM employee. Ultimately, the whole ordeal was a misunderstanding. He’s also gotten a lot of flack for not stating on his Albuquerque Journal questionnaire that he had been charged with shoplifting nearly 20 years ago. After hearing his explanation, the incident sounds innocent enough. He was at a department store picking up a few things before closing and, on his way out the door, stopped to look at a cell phone. He says he walked out the door without realizing he was still holding it. For the mistake he had to take three courses in petty larceny, which he thought would expunge the citation from his record. This is why he didn’t claim the event on his questionnaire. Still, Garduño takes full responsibility for his actions. We can’t really ask anything more of him.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Contacts: Tomás Garduño, Campaign Manager, 505-301-6671

Garduño Campaign Calls on Griffin to Apologize; Stop Push Polling

ALBUQUERQUE (Wednesday, September 26, 2007). Starting early this morning voters in City Council District 6 received an anonymous "push poll”-- or calls that pretended to be a poll but whose purpose was to include negative information about Rey Garduno. Push polling is universally denounced as an unethical campaign tactic.

In violation of the city’s ethics code, the calls were anonymous and when voters pressed the caller to disclose who was paying for the calls, the caller either hung up or said they could not disclose that information. Later it was revealed that candidate Joanie Griffin paid to have the calls made.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 26, the Journal asked Griffin if she was behind the anonymous push poll, which she admitted she was.

As late as 7:30pm, Griffin did not change the phone script to include a disclosure nor did she stop the calls from being made.

"Push polls are universally denounced as unethical campaign tactics. They mislead the public to think they are participating in a legitimate poll when are in fact the purpose is only to malign candidates. I am disappointed that she stooped to this level," said Rey Garduno.

"The fact that she did unethical push polls was bad enough. Even though she admitted to the wrong doing she still allowed the calls to continue in violation of the city’s ethics code. At a minimum, Griffin should apologize to the voters in District 6 for engaging in unethical dirty campaigning," said Rey Garduno.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Journal Article Talks about Diane Denish's Endorsement

If you get a chance, check out the print version, it has a great pic of the blog post that we posted a few days ago about Diane Denish's endorsement. It looks great! Not to mention it was front page, above the fold!

Denish Aids Mayor Critic In City Race Albuquerque

By Jeff Jones

Copyright © 2007 Albuquerque Journal; Journal Politics Writer

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish is lending a hand to an Albuquerque City Council candidate who is openly critical of Mayor Martin Chávez. Denish and Chávez are prospective competitors for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2010, and the upcoming Oct. 2 city elections could decide whether Chávez will face a generally friendly or unfriendly council during the rest of his third term. Denish said this week that her endorsement of Rey Garduño in District 6 along East Central has nothing to do with her expected gubernatorial run. "Rey best fits the district," she said. Chávez easily won a third term, but he didn't carry the liberal-leaning district during his successful 2005 re-election. Chávez said Wednesday that he couldn't speculate about the lieutenant governor's interest in the City Council race. But Joanie Griffin, one of three other candidates vying for the open District 6 seat, said Denish's endorsement of Garduño is a clear political swipe at the mayor. "There's no question there's a Marty-Diane race going on right now. I know the mayor hasn't officially announced anything, but clearly they are at odds," said Griffin, who owns a public relations firm and is a former Chávez spokeswoman. Denish said, to her recollection, she hasn't made a public endorsement in a council race before this year but has supported past council candidates in other ways. She also is endorsing a Las Cruces city council candidate this season. "No one else has approached me," Denish said this week when asked if she would be making more endorsements in the Albuquerque races. "I wouldn't say yes, I wouldn't say no." Denish has said she intends to run for governor in 2010, at the end of current Gov. Bill Richardson's second term. Chávez has said he's not sure whether he will seek the governor's job or another stint as mayor. While Chávez wouldn't comment on Denish's motivation for the endorsement, he said in reference to Garduño's conviction in a 1988 shoplifting case, that "given his background, it's unusual." Denish said she was aware of the shoplifting case— in which Garduño pleaded no contest and was found guilty— but said it didn't dissuade her. Garduño didn't reveal the incident on his initial response to the Journal's candidate questionnaire. Denish said she lived in District 6 during the 1970s and got her first glimpse of city politics there, adding that people for whom she has high regard know Garduño well. "I did think about it. I regretted the fact he made that mistake," Denish said of the shoplifting matter. But "his mistake was 20 years ago." Garduño said he was honored by Denish's endorsement, and a photo of the two together appears on one of his campaign Web sites. Garduño said he doesn't know why Griffin is linking the endorsement to the 2010 governor's race, adding, "Maybe the mayor's telling her something." In his Journal candidate questionnaire, Garduño praised Chávez for being an effective advocate on "quality-of-life initiatives" but accused him of creating a "combative atmosphere at City Hall." Garduño in the questionnaire also said the mayor has been "imbalanced" on the issue of city growth. He was again critical of the mayor in a recent Journal online chat session. Chávez hasn't endorsed anyone in the District 6 race but has endorsed Katherine Martinez, who is seeking to unseat City Council President Debbie O'Malley in District 2, where Chávez lives. "One thing I do find in the endorsement game (is): That and three bucks will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks," Chávez said. "The public has a funny way of deciding on their own." The District 6 battle between Garduño, Griffin, Blair Kaufman and Kevin Wilson is one of four council races and has been contentious. Garduño, a University of New Mexico retiree, has been criticized for initially using a UNM e-mail address for his campaign. He has said that and his failure to disclose the shoplifting case were mistakes. Griffin, meanwhile, has been criticized by some in the district for her work for Chávez in 2005. She also has taken some flak for headlining her campaign Web site with a story about current District 6 Councilor Martin Heinrich encouraging her to run— a story that doesn't point out Heinrich has endorsed Garduño. Griffin said she has inaccurately been painted as "the mayor's girl" in the race. And despite working as a Chávez campaign spokeswoman for three months in 2005, she said she's not in the mayor's pocket. It was "three months in a 25-year career. I've been with (a local ditch-safety campaign) for 14 years— I'm much more the 'Ditch Witch' girl than the mayor's girl," said Griffin. "I wonder: If the mayor's press secretary in 2005 had been a man, would people be calling him 'the mayor's boy?' I doubt it," Griffin added. "I am so unbelievably offended by it, I can't even tell you."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Trib Covers Candidate Forum. Rey: "We Need to Grow Smart, Not Out."

Joseph Crumb: Candidates, I'm a little hot about this asphalt

By Joseph CrumbThursday, September 20, 2007

Twice a day, my dog, Lucky, and I walk along Carlisle Boulevard north toward Burton Park, in the Kirtland Corners neighborhood north of Nob Hill and Ridgecrest.

The neighborhood association might be dormant, but the neighborhood clearly is not.
The center of activity is Michael Thomas Coffee at Carlisle and Anderson and the Source next door. At the coffee shop you can get a cup of coffee from beans roasted on site or down a shot of wheat grass juice, if that be your morning elixir.

The Source is an adobe building with sunflowers galore. It looks like a van Gogh.
Lucky's ears always perk up as we approach. He makes a left at the patio and sticks his nose in the small courtyard.

The Source offers holistic health services like massage, acupuncture and kinesiology. It also is host to yoga classes, art shows and music performances. There are Wednesday potlucks (Lucky's favorite), Freaky Fridays (dancing madness), Hippie Church on Sunday mornings (at 10-ish) and workshops on topics like building sustainable communities.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, The Source had a forum for the four City Council candidates running for the District 6 seat being vacated by Martin Heinrich.
In Albuquerque, local elections pop up early - Oct. 2 this year - and the campaign signs sprouted sometime in August.

Joanie Griffin has the most signs. She is a New York City native and a local business owner (Griffin and Associates, a marketing firm, and It's Just Lunch, a dating service).

Rey Garduno, a longtime community activist and business owner, has been endorsed by Heinrich, former City Councilor Eric Griego, and current Councilors Isaac Benton, Debbie O'Malley and Michael Cadigan.

Blair Kaufman is an elementary school principal and a vice chairman of the CNM Governing Board.
Kevin Wilson, the sole Republican in the nonpartisan race, has been a Nob Hill business owner since 1988.
So why spend a Sunday afternoon at a political forum?
After all, it was the NFL's opening weekend, and my beloved but hapless Buffalo Bills were playing the Denver Broncos on TV.

First, let me tell you that Lucky and my cat, Alice, and I spent a good part of this summer splayed out around my hotbox apartment, broiling. During Lucky's early walks, the morning cool vanished by 9. In the evening darkness the mercury barely budged, hovering around 90 degrees for hours.

So I had questions to ask the council candidates: Are those enormous developments planned for Mesa del Sol and the Atrisco land grant property locked in? Are they really going to pour all that heat-absorbing concrete and asphalt and roast us all alive? Will Albuquerque become another Phoenix?

I waited until the Broncos had dispatched the Bills on a last-second field goal and then dashed down to the Source and waited my turn to speak.
"You know, it's been an awfully hot summer," I began.
Well, there must have been a hint of surprise or naivet‚ in my voice because everybody laughed at me.

Turns out, my questions were on the minds of many.
Wilson believes that with land prices skyrocketing, growth on Albuquerque's outskirts is inevitable. But developments can be planned without creating "vast oceans of hot asphalt," he said.

Griffin said Mesa del Sol could become "our shining star of development," a national model of building green.

Garduno urged an end to sprawl growth. He said SunCal hopes to build 100,000 units on 50,000 acres, with 16,000 homes in the first phase. "We need to grow smart, not out. We can't promise water that we don't have," he said.

Later Kaufman echoed those sentiments. "We're a desert. We're a desert city. We cannot keep growing. The water will run out."

Monday, September 17, 2007

Lt. Governor Diane Denish Endorses Rey for City Council

For Immediate Release: Monday, September 17, 2007

Contacts: Tomás Garduño, Campaign Manager, 505-301-6671

Lt. Governor Diane Denish Endorses Rey Garduño for City Council
Diane Denish Leads Growing List of Progressive Leaders
Supporting Rey Garduño for Alb. City Council District 6

ALBUQUERQUE (Monday, September 17, 2007) – Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish has decided to endorse Rey Garduno for City Council District 6. She joins other progressive leaders in our city including:

Martin Heinrich, Current District 6 City Councilor
Debbie O'Malley, City Council President
Isaac Benton, City Councilor
Michael Cadigan, City Councilor
Eric Griego, Former City Councilor
Pat Baca, Former City Councilor
Deanna Archuleta, County Commissioner
Cisco McSorley, NM State Senator

Rey has also been endorsed by The Hispanic Roundtable, AFSCME, Central Labor Council, ACORN PAC, Conservation Voters New Mexico and the Sierra Club.

“Rey Garduno is the progressive voice we need for Albuquerque’s City Council. Rey is a long standing community advocate and has been involved in issues important to our community for over 30 years. It’s for this reason I have decided to endorse Rey; I trust Rey will represent District 6 well,” said Lt. Governor Diane Denish

Garduno stated, “I am honored and humbled by the endorsement of Lt. Governor Denish. Her work in support of local communities, small businesses and children throughout New Mexico is an inspiration.”

Rey has lived in District 6 for over 30 years. He has raised his family in District 6, was involved in his son’s schools and ran two local businesses. Rey has spent a lifetime helping to make our community a better place to live and raise our families. Rey is endorsed by progressive leaders from throughout Albuquerque and New Mexico because he has the experience we need and the proven leadership we can trust.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ABQ Journal will be doing an online forum!

Calling all Supporters! Please participate in this First Ever Online Forum!

Chat Online With District 6 Hopefuls

Want the candidates to answer your questions for a change?
Here's your chance. All four City Council candidates in District 6 have agreed to participate in an online chat with Journal readers.
The chat starts at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, but you can leave questions for them any time by visiting
Journal staff writer Dan McKay will moderate the chat.
District 6 covers much of the Southeast Heights. Incumbent Martin Heinrich isn't seeking re-election.
Campaigning for the seat are Rey Garduño, Joanie Griffin, Blair Kaufman and Kevin Wilson.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Journal picks up story that the Alibi borrowed from Duke City Fix

Coco from Duke City Fix, then the Alibi, now the Journal.

Visit for information on a progressive leader we can trust to be open and honest about his positions on improving our public transportation system, making our neighborhoods safe, and planning our growth to ensure the highest quality of life for all Albuquerqueans. That's why just about every progressive public official has endorsed Rey Garduño for City Council, District 6.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Candidate Says Story Isn't Misleading Albuquerque

By Dan Mckay

CITY HALL BEAT: Visit Joanie Griffin's campaign Web site, and you'll find a front-page anecdote about incumbent Martin Heinrich encouraging her to run for City Council. Here's something she doesn't mention: Heinrich has actually endorsed one of Griffin's opponents, Rey Garduño. The site used to have a picture of Heinrich, but Griffin said she took it down because he complained. In an interview last week, Griffin said she isn't trying to mislead anyone. "It's a story about why I'm running," Griffin said. "It doesn't say he's endorsing me at all." Griffin pointed out that she created the site months ago, and Heinrich only recently announced his endorsement of Garduño. Garduño and Griffin are among four candidates hoping to succeed Heinrich in District 6, which covers much of Nob Hill and the Southeast Heights. Heinrich is running for Congress, rather than council re-election. Griffin is also getting some attention for having switched her party affiliation in May from Republican to Democrat. District 6 is a left-leaning part of town, though City Council races are nonpartisan. Griffin said she has been supporting Democratic candidates for the last four years and had intended to change her registration in time for the next primary. She considers herself "fiscally conservative, socially liberal." Griffin's site is

Friday, August 31, 2007

Rey's Most Recent Press Advisory

Thursday, August 30th, 2007
For Immediate Release

Contacts: Tomás Garduño, Campaign Manager, 301-6671

In a Highly Contested Race, Popular Current City Councilor Martin Heinrich Supports Rey Garduño to Represent District 6 Constituents; Garduño Introduces Campaign Team

ALBUQUERQUE (August 30, 2007) – Over the weekend, voters in District 6 learned that well liked current city councilor Martin Heinrich has officially endorsed Rey Garduño, a long standing community advocate and small businessman, for the council seat he’s vacating to run for Congress.

“Rey is running on a progressive agenda to address important issues like public safety, transportation and planned growth. These are things that matter to me and to the constituents in District 6. I think he’ll do a fantastic job on the council and that’s why I’m supporting him,” says Martin Heinrich, current city councilor.

Rey has lived in District 6 for over 30 years. He has raised his family in District 6, was involved in his son’s schools and ran two local businesses. Rey has spent a lifetime helping to make our community a better place to live and raise our families. Rey is endorsed by progressive leaders from our district and throughout Albuquerque because he has the experience we need and the proven leadership we can trust.

“Rey is passionate about equality and proven in his service to Albuquerque. Rey is my choice for city council because he is independent and I know he’ll do what he believes is right for our community.” adds Martin Heinrich.

“It’s an honor to receive Martin’s endorsement and support. I have a deep interest in making our community a better place to live and raise our families. I share Martin’s values and will continue the work he’s been doing for our neighborhoods,” said Rey Garduño.

Rey has assembled a first rate team to include the following people:

§ Tomás Garduño, Campaign Manager. Tomás took time from his job as a community organizer to manage the campaign. Tomás is also Rey’s son.

§ Joaquín Lujan, Field Director. Joaquín has been a community organizer for over 35 years with many years experience in running voter outreach programs.

§ Sally Hill Davis, Campaign Treasurer. Sally was former executive director of Common Cause, where Sally and Rey worked side by side to pass the Public Financing Law that Rey is running under.

“My parents taught me to have a real commitment to community and family. I'm so fortunate to have the support of my family, including my son, Tomás. My wife Ilsa and I have always stressed the importance of community service in our family. Tomas has really followed in our footsteps. Tomás has taken time off from his job as a community organizer to manage my campaign, and I couldn't be more proud, both as a candidate and a father," said Rey Garduño.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Alibi Article: The Pave It or Save It Election. A Must Read

Read the Article below or link directly to it here:

The Pave It or Save It Election?

By Laura Sanchez
It's no secret the local blogosphere gets delirious over political gossip. It's also no secret Mayor Martin Chavez and several city councilors butt heads regularly over development projects. In this year's Council elections, the two non-secrets have collided for a perfect storm of speculation over who's backing whom to push through what. Four women who never previously ran for office are seeking Council seats in the even-numbered districts. They all have connections to Mayor Martin Chavez' administration.
Local blogger Coco recently sparked a Web-storm by posting a critique on of District 6 candidate Joanie Griffin, Chavez' 2005 press secretary. According to Coco, Griffin's website implies that she has been endorsed by both current District 6 councilor Martin Heinrich and Gov. Bill Richardson. However, Heinrich, who is running for Congress, formally endorsed competing candidate Rey Garduño, and Richardson's quote seemed to be simply a compliment on Griffin's PR skills. Griffin runs a public relations firm and the local dating service It's Just Lunch. She changed her registration from Republican to Democrat this spring before running in the heavily Democratic district.
Another Marty-centric news spasm erupted when Chavez headlined a fundraiser for District 2 candidate Katherine Martinez. Martinez, a relative newcomer to the city, is challenging Council President Debbie O'Malley, perhaps the legislator least likely to rubber-stamp Chavez' bills. Martinez is the director of Government/Community Affairs for the Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico. Chavez appointed Martinez to his Green Ribbon Task Force on energy-efficient building, and she has consulted on affordable housing.
In Districts 8 and 4, the connection runs through ABQ Ride Director, former councilor and wrangler of Republican votes for Marty, Greg Payne. Trudy Jones is running unopposed for the District 8 seat to be vacated by Craig Loy. Jones is a vice-president of the very large commercial real estate firm Grubb & Ellis. In 2002 then-councilor Payne appointed Jones to the Planned Growth Strategy (PGS) task force. The 19-member PGS task force was supposed to have four members from the real estate/development community and nine members representing neighborhood associations, one from each Council district. Controversy arose when Chavez and Council allies selected real estate or development people such as Jones for the neighborhood association slots.
Payne popped up again in the District 4 campaign of Paulette de'Pascal when the long, bizarre "Captain, First Mate and Honey Bee" e-mail had the city's political junkies rolling on the floor. The July 14 e-mail was purportedly sent to the wrong address by community activist and Chavez ally Sandra P. Richardson, then leaked to blogger Mario Burgos.
Richardson chastises de'Pascal for acting "like a honey bee, flitting from person to person, seeking their advice and opinion." Richardson obsessively repeats the demand that de'Pascal communicate plans and strategy only through First Mate Richardson to Captain Greg, "the ONLY person to whom [sic] you seek political advice ... THE strategist ... He's 'gold' for this campaign." Payne, who has managed dozens of political campaigns, denies involvement.
None of this is illegal, unless Chavez and Payne are campaigning on city time. In fact, it seems the usual political circus, except the candidates sing in unison regarding the issue of growth, according to a July 6 New Mexico Business Weekly article.
Griffin characterizes the current Council as anti-growth, although she puts in a plug for "smart growth" as opposed to Phoenix-style sprawl. Martinez says it's time for a change in the City Council and wants to see more collaboration between city government and the development industry. Jones says Albuquerque is "a very anti-business city right now" and thinks the Council "should be more proactive, rather than fighting growth." de'Pascal expressed concern that the Council is in a "stalemate" with the mayor. Certainly, no growth equals stagnation. However, the city's political fracture line has long run between protecting current residents' quality of life versus boosting profits by attracting new residents.
A 2003 effort by the development community to elect four councilors failed in all contested races, so this year's campaign may only be Mayor Marty's pipe dream. The outlines of that dream are pretty clear: All four administration candidates win. Councilor Don Harris loses his District 9 recall election and Marty appoints a replacement. Those five, combined with current, mayorally loyal councilors Sally Mayer and Ken Sanchez, give Marty a 7-2 lock on almost every Council vote.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Come See Rey in Action! Come to a Candidate Forum!

Please come and see Rey in action! If you are a supporter, we need you to be there and cheer Rey on. If you are undecided, come and listen to what Rey has to say, you’ll leave a supporter!

Albuquerque & District 6 City Council Candidate Forums

Thursday, September 6, 6-8pm: ABQ-United Candidates Forum (SWOP, SAGE Council, 1000 Friends of NM, League of Young Voters) if you can't make it to the forum listen online: - South Broadway Cultural Center, 1025 Broadway SE

Sunday, September 9, 2-4 pm: Forum at The Source - 1111 Carlisle Blvd SE

Tuesday, September 18, 6:30 pm: Forum hosted by the Southeast Heights Neighborhood Association - Bandelier Elementary School, 3309 Pershing SE

Wednesday, September 19, 7-9 pm: Forum hosted by Albuquerque Vecinos United - Highland Senior Center, 131 Monroe NE

Sunday, September 23, 2-4 pm: Forum by Sixth District Coalition of Neighborhood Associations and La Mesa Community Improvement Association - Highland Senior Center, 131 Monroe NE

Thursday, September 27, 6-8pm: We The People Forum hosted by The League of Women Voters and airing on cable channel 27 or

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our First Mailer Hits 1,000's of Households in District 6

The Rey Garduño for City Council Campaign's first Mail Piece hits Voter's doors on Saturday!

The mail piece talks to Rey's proven service to Albuquerque and let's voters know that just about every progressive public official endorses Rey for City Council. If you haven't already received it, look in your mailboxes!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rey featured on Joe Monahan Blog

The Rey Garduño for City Council Campaign is getting coverage all over the blogosphere!

We've got the momentum, let's keep it up and do what Joe Monahan says: get more than 40% of the vote on October 2nd. We need your support in order to accomplish this tall task. Please email or call the campaign to volunteer your time to come door-knocking with us and get to know your neighbors! 688-6981 or

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Interesting Information about Joanie Griffin

Check out Duke City Fix's website to learn a little more about one of Rey's opponents in the City Council Race: Joanie Griffin.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Look Who Endorses Rey!

•MARTIN HEINRICH, Current District 6 City Councilor

“I’m proud to endorse Rey for City Council. I know that he will continue to stand up for our neighborhoods in District 6, and make Albuquerque a better place for us all to live. Please vote for Rey Garduño for City Council on October 2nd.” —MARTIN HEINRICH, Current District 6 City Councilor

•ERIC GRIEGO, Former City Councilor

•PAT BACA, Former City Councilor


•ISAAC BENTON, City Councilor

•DEBBIE O’MALLEY, City Councilor

•MICHAEL CADIGAN, City Councilor

•Hispanic Round Table


•Central NM Central Labor Council

The Rey Garduño Campaign has a Website!

Check out the new website for the Rey Garduño for City Council Campaign:

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rey's Yard Signs Sweep District 6

This is the wonderful Yard Sign that everyone is talking about all over District 6. The Rey Garduno for City Council Yard Signs came like a wave over our neighborhood this Saturday. Rey held his campaign kick-off party Saturday morning where the campaign distributed over 50 Yard Signs to more than 30 supporters and volunteers. Keep on the look out for Rey and the supporters of his campaign as they door-knock YOUR neighborhood. For more information on how to get involved in the campaign email or call Joaquin Lujan-Field Director at 505-400-6545.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

In record time, District 6 city council candidate Rey Garduño has qualified for the ballot

In record time, District 6 city council candidate Rey Garduño has qualified for the ballot Rey Garduño has collected the necessary petition signatures to officially appear on the ballot for District 6 City Council in record time. Thursday, July 12th was the first day to file nominating petitions with the City Clerk. Garduño's campaign got word late Monday, July 16 that they had met and exceeded the qualifying mark of 544. In response to the news, Garduño replied, "It's a great day in the neighborhood! This is a testament to the strong grassroots community support that this campaign has brought out in our neighborhoods. The number of volunteers that went door-to-door in their own neighborhoods is what made the difference.
We're looking forward to continuing the conversation with the people of district 6," said Garduño. In the talks at people's homes, the issues are clear:

• strengthening our public transportation system that will address our traffic problems;
• sustainable community-lead development; and
• accountable social services that truly reach our elders, children and young families.

Garduño plans on walking every neighborhood between now and October 2nd, and looks forward to meeting you! You can contact Garduño at or 266-4424.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rey Garduno - To Get Public Campaign Finance Funding
by: suz
Wed May 23, 2007 at 15:39:48 PM MDT
( - promoted by LP)If Rey Garduno’s current level of organization is any sign of how he will run his campaign for Albuquerque City Council's District 6 seat, other candidates will have quite a race on their hands. Yesterday Rey turned in exactly the required 271 signatures and $5.00 donations in order to qualify for public campaign financing. Albuquerque City Clerk, Millie Santillanes, said the official announcement won't be made until May 31st, but unofficially Rey's signatures have been accepted.
Rey becomes the first person in NM, and Albuquerque specifically, to quality for public campaign financing. He attributes a portion of his early success to his use of a walk-list of voters in District #6. Rey also noted that he was able to turn in the required number of signatures in two weeks, about half the time given to candidates to collect signatures.
Rey Garduno said that he delivered the signatures in three batches, an initial set of 90, a second set of 175 and a third set of 28. Rey stayed at the City Clerk's office for the counting and validating or "vetting" of the final batch of signatures. The City Clerk's office went through all of the gathered signatures in each batch carefully and eliminated those that could not be identified as registered voters in District 6. Garduno stated that only 8% of the signatures he turned in were rejected while other candidates had rejection rates between 23% and 40%. He also indicated that if he had fallen short of the 271 signatures needed, several people were waiting in the wings to give their signatures and donations.
Rey and Debbie O'Malley, candidate for Albuquerque City Council's District 2 seat, will be guests on the New Mexico Blog Radio show at 4:30 PM Thursday, May 24th to discuss their experience with the new public campaign finance law. Listeners are invited to call in and ask questions during the half hour show. The call-in number is (718) 664-9717. The show will be hosted by Democracy for New Mexico's Barbara Wold, and Suzanne Prescott, who produced the radio show, Insight New Mexico during the NM Legislative session.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Democracy Lives! Clean and Ethical Elections Supported by District 6 Voters

Rey Garduño’s family, friends and supporters have made clean elections a viable democratic process. By gathering the required $5 contributions and signatures, 10 days ahead of time, Garduño is the first candidate in this inaugural publicly financed election to qualify. He will be taking this momentum into his candidacy, knowing that his support is widespread and community-based.

Garduño has pledged not to take money from Special Interests, by utilizing public financing he will be able to concentrate on discussion of the issues with his constituents. Rather than wasting time making deals with powerbrokers for large donations, he will be listening to his constituents in District 6.

When asked what this meant to Albuquerque, he said, “The city spoke loudly last election when they voted for Clean and Ethical Elections, by a margin of 72%. My qualifying this early means the people in my district have also spoken; by their own actions they have determined that a $5 contribution to the Clean Elections Fund is a small price to pay for Democracy. This is historic, yet this is the way all democratic elections should be conducted.”

Garduño, a progressive candidate, will be gathering petition signatures beginning June 1st for his candidacy and preparing for the campaign to fill the City Council District 6 seat being vacated by Martin Heinrich. Heinrich has announced his candidacy for the U.S. House Seat in New Mexico District 1.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rey is going strong on Campaign Trail

Candidates canvass for public funding

Signing up to be among the first publicly financed City Council candidates in the history of Albuquerque comes with a time-consuming chore: explaining just what the new system is all about.

That's what Rey Garduño discovered Monday as he took a break from ringing doorbells.

"It's not a matter of selling it. It's a matter of explaining what it is," he said.

Garduño, who is running for the District 6 seat now occupied by Martin Heinrich, is one of eight candidates trying to prove to voters they're worthy of a publicly funded campaign war chest.

Under the financing system that debuts this year, candidates are charged with gathering $5 contributions from 1 percent of the registered voters in their respective districts. That works out to about 300 contributions, depending on the district.

If candidates can pull it off, the city will give them campaign funding equal to $1 for every registered voter in their respective districts, or about $30,000.

And the clock is ticking. Candidates have a month - May 1-31 - to gather the donations, but some filed the initial paperwork as late as May 10.

Garduño is going door to door soliciting the donations and estimates that five minutes elapse by the time he introduces himself, gives a thumbnail sketch of the brand-new financing system, records the donation, and hands over a receipt.

"Seven minutes, if they need a little bit of background talk," he said. "It's still a process of people having some trepidation."

And while Garduño seems happy to spend the time explaining the city's new system, fellow District 6 candidate Joan Griffin wishes something could be done to help the education along.

"Somehow, we need to educate the public about how this works," she said. "People have no clue what this is, and people think it's a fund-raiser."

The donations go into a special city election fund, and not to the candidates themselves. The city also chips in to the fund. From there, the campaign money is disbursed to whomever qualifies.

Griffin estimated that she's halfway to the 271 signatures she needs. Garduño said he would turn in between 110 and 120 to the Office of the City Clerk today.

While the candidates report that people are receptive to the idea once they know the facts, coming up with the $5 can sometimes prove a big hurdle.

"I'm finding that in the poorer neighborhoods - like mine - it's actually a great disadvantage," said Feroza Jussawalla, who is also running for the District 6 seat, that represents the Southeast Heights.

When asking one potential constituent for a donation, "they said look at my roof," Jussawalla said. It was starting to cave in.

Other voters seem to be distracted by the other bits of political news swirling around the nation.

"Everyone is preoccupied with the presidentials," said Paulette déPascal, who is running for a seat held by incumbent Councilor Brad Winter.

Overall, the process of collecting signatures is proving to be a difficult and time-consuming affair. Joseph García, who was running in District 6, said it was a factor in his recent decision to drop out of the race.

"The process looks really tedious in terms of the public finance situation," he said. "The way this is set up is not fostering greater participation."

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Rey Highlighted in Democracy for New Mexico

Rey Garduño Seeks Public Funding for ABQ District 6 City Council Race

Long-time community activist, public information specialist and small businessman Rey Garduño (right) has decided to pursue public funding for his campaign to replace Martin Heinrich on the Albuquerque City Council in District 6 in the Southeast Heights. Heinrich has plans to run for Congress in CD1 against Repub incumbent Heather Wilson and will resign his seat on the Council when his terms ends. City Council elections are set for even numbered districts this coming November.

Garduño currently serves as Vice Chair on the Board of Common Cause NM. He's also a member of the Board of the Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP), and operates Rey Garduño Photography. He retired in 2005 from his post as head of marketing for UNM Hospitals, and he was a Public Affairs Representative at Carrie Tingley Hospital for nine years. Click to see his extensive resume detailing 25 years of professional experience in managing staff and resources, as well as his many years of service to the community on various boards and professional organizations. Rey has also worked hard in support of various initiatives including passage of minimum wage and clean elections legislation, the Better New Mexico campaign and ethics reform.

Like Debbie O'Malley, who's running for reelection to her North Valley City Council seat in District 2, Garduño is currently in the process of collecting signatures and $5 donations from registered voters in his district so that he can qualify for public funding. He has to gather more than 250 before the May 31 deadline. If you live in District 6 and would like to sign up, you can contact him at 266-4424 or He's also looking for people to help collect the signatures and donations. You don't need to be a resident of District 6 to help out.

Other reported candidates for the District 6 seat include UNM graduate student Joe Garcia, who is president of the Graduate and Professional Student Association, and Joan Griffin, who owns a local ad agency and operates a dating service franchise. Griffin served as Mayor Marty Chavez's press person during his 2005 reelection campaign.

Read more

Monday, May 7, 2007

The Clean Campaign Begins

City Council hopefuls try public financing
Decreases look of corruption, advocates say

By Peter Rice
Saturday, May 5, 2007

Four City Council candidates are taking on the role of political guinea pigs, pursuing public financing in the debut year of the program.

Public financing of political campaigns requires some extra legwork of candidates, but advocates say it decreases both the perception of and actual corruption, and promotes greater faith in the electoral process.

Incumbent Councilor Debbie O'Malley was the first to sign up in recent weeks, followed late Friday afternoon by Katherine Martinez, who is also running for the District 2 seat that covers the North Valley.

In District 6, which covers the Southeast Heights, Joan Griffin and Rey Garduño are starting the process of landing public funds.

Thus far, the participation only involves two of the four council seats open this fall. Incumbents Brad Winter and Craig Loy (who hasn't committed to running again) said they wouldn't use the program.

But former City Councilor Eric Griego, who originally sponsored the measure, is tickled by the results anyway.

"Even if one candidate uses it, I think it's great," he said, adding that he was especially happy to see O'Malley, who is in a position to raise plenty of private money, on board.

Public-finance candidates must jump through some hoops to get their money. By the end of this month, they have to collect $5 donations from 1 percent of the registered voters in their districts. They also must collect signatures from 2 percent of the registered voters, though the same is required of all candidates.

Advocates of the system say it will help candidates avoid conflicts of interest, either real or perceived. It also works to even things out, said Martinez, who by day works for the Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico. She is going up against a high-profile incumbent, O'Malley, but she will do it with an equal warchest.

"We're already starting off with the exact same amount of money," she said. "I think that's important."

Don't expect the infant program to function without a hitch. It's not clear, for example, just how much the program will cost from year to year. That depends on how many candidates use it. Also, if other candidates raise more than the publicly financed candidates, then the city will try to match it, but only if money is available.

Right now, the city's campaign fund stands at $450,000. If all four candidates qualified, that would cost the fund $117,400.

Assistant City Clerk Kelli Fulgenzi also points to this potentially sticky situation: If a candidate gets the required $5 donations, then he or she will receive the campaign funds. But if they then fail to collect enough signatures, "you have to give the money back," she said.

That puts the city in the awkward position of collecting money that may have already been spent.

"Compared to not having a system I think that's a reasonable price to pay," Griego said. "We should expect that there are things that we have to overcome."

But one person's glad tidings is another's harbinger of a big fat bill.

"It could become very expensive for the taxpayers of Albuquerque," Loy said.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on council candidates who want public funding. They can sign up for a few more weeks, but they must assemble their $5 contributions by May 31.

"I think you may get a few more," Griego said.