Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Voting Record; March 15, 2010 City Council Meeting

R-09-12Adopting The North 4th Street Corridor Plan As A Rank 3 Plan; For The Area Bordered Generally By The City Limit On The North, The Railroad Tracks On The East, Mountain Road On The South and 5th Street On The West and Establishing Overlay Zone Districts Including The North Fourth Mixed Use District, The North Fourth Transit Oriented Development District and The North Fourth Infill Development District (O'Malley)
Motion: Do Pass as Amended
Voted: For
Status: Passed

R-10-53 Approving and Authorizing The Filing of Grant Award Agreement For A 2010 Teen Seat Belt Demonstration Program With The State of New Mexico Department of Transportation, Traffic Safety Bureau and Providing An Appropriation To The City of Albuquerque (Sanchez, by request)
Motion: Do Pass
Voted: For
Status: Passed

Veto Message on R
-10-29: Directing The Administration To Investigate And Take All Necessary And Legal Action, Including The Filing Of A Declaratory Judgment Proceeding To Ascertain The Legality And Enforceability Of the Perlman Memorandum And Administrative Instruction No. 7-46 And To Develop Ordinance Amendments That Preclude Any Practice That Permits Unclassified Employees To Be Compensated For Work Not Performed On Behalf Of The City Of Albuquerque
Motion: Override
Voted: For
Status: Failed

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