Friday, June 4, 2010

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting in District 6

The next Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, June 8th at 3pm and will be in Council District 6 at the Highland Pool Conference Room (400 Jackson SE).

City Councilor Rey Garduño will be speaking with Board about Parks and Recreations issues in Council District 6. Public Comment will be taken if you would like to voice your concerns over any Parks and Recreation issues in District 6. Below is the agenda;



Tuesday, June 8, 2010, 3:00 to 5:00 PM

Highland Pool

400 Jackson SE

****************************** BOARD MEMBERS *****************************

Jerry Worrall, Chairman; Richard L. Rivas, Vice-Chairman;

Robert W. Day, Becky Lee,

STAFF: Barbara Baca, PRD-Director; Christina Sandoval, Senior Planner, PRD; Jane Trujillo, Board Secretary.


1. Call to Order, Jerry Worrall, Chairman

· Approval of today’s Agenda as distributed via email

· Approval of May 2010 Minutes as distributed via email

· Introduction of Visitors and Guests

· Announcements pertaining to MPRAB related issues

2. General Testimony (Sign-in is required and time may be limited)

· City Councilor District 6 Rey Garduño

· Public Testimony

3. Reports

· District 6 Report – Becky Lee & Julian Moya, District 6 Policy Analyst

· Parks and Recreation Department Report (Director Barbara Baca is out of town. Christina Sandoval will report.)

· BFPB Representative for MPRAB – Bill Nordin

· Sub-committee reports – Committee Chairmen or their designees

· Members’ Roundtable – Report on P&R issues in their area (limit 2 min)

4. Unfinished Business – Board Members for District 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and two At Large

· Carmen Garcia, District 7

· Bill Kraemer, District 4

· Jim Green, District 8

5. New Business

6. Adjourn meeting