Monday, January 25, 2010

My Op-Ed Piece in the Albuquerque Journal

from the Albuquerque Journal

Public Jobs Program Needed

By Rey GarduÑO
Albuquerque City Councilor
The current unemployment rate in Albuquerque is at 8.2 percent. A little more than a year ago in October 2008, the unemployment rate for Albuquerque was at 4.8 percent. There are similar numbers statewide as the rate has nearly doubled from last year, 4.5 percent to more than 8 percent. Lately, unemployment has been on the radar of our officials in Washington, D.C. In this kind of environment, Congress has two choices. Its members can either pretend to act by putting together a series of Band-Aid approaches, or they can adopt the real solution that is staring us all square in the face: a public jobs program. It's time to reinvest in our communities.

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Also, read the Op-Ed piece by my SE Heights representative, County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins, here.