Monday, September 3, 2007

Journal picks up story that the Alibi borrowed from Duke City Fix

Coco from Duke City Fix, then the Alibi, now the Journal.

Visit for information on a progressive leader we can trust to be open and honest about his positions on improving our public transportation system, making our neighborhoods safe, and planning our growth to ensure the highest quality of life for all Albuquerqueans. That's why just about every progressive public official has endorsed Rey Garduño for City Council, District 6.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Candidate Says Story Isn't Misleading Albuquerque

By Dan Mckay

CITY HALL BEAT: Visit Joanie Griffin's campaign Web site, and you'll find a front-page anecdote about incumbent Martin Heinrich encouraging her to run for City Council. Here's something she doesn't mention: Heinrich has actually endorsed one of Griffin's opponents, Rey Garduño. The site used to have a picture of Heinrich, but Griffin said she took it down because he complained. In an interview last week, Griffin said she isn't trying to mislead anyone. "It's a story about why I'm running," Griffin said. "It doesn't say he's endorsing me at all." Griffin pointed out that she created the site months ago, and Heinrich only recently announced his endorsement of Garduño. Garduño and Griffin are among four candidates hoping to succeed Heinrich in District 6, which covers much of Nob Hill and the Southeast Heights. Heinrich is running for Congress, rather than council re-election. Griffin is also getting some attention for having switched her party affiliation in May from Republican to Democrat. District 6 is a left-leaning part of town, though City Council races are nonpartisan. Griffin said she has been supporting Democratic candidates for the last four years and had intended to change her registration in time for the next primary. She considers herself "fiscally conservative, socially liberal." Griffin's site is

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