Thursday, November 29, 2007

City Councilor Rey Garduño Announces Community Advisory Board

For Immediate Release:

City Councilor Rey Garduño Announces Community Advisory Board.

On the same day that he will be sworn in as District 6 city councilor, Rey Garduño is announcing that he plans to be the city councilor that truly represents the entire community. He has put together an informal Community Advisory Board made up of health, gay & lesbian, peace & justice, African American, Native, Chicano, Asian, immigrant, and democracy advocates, community organizers, water, labor & environmental justice leaders, youth and most importantly District 6 community members. “The city council is the governing body of the City of Albuquerque; it belongs to the people of Albuquerque, not to the city councilors. We are their representatives. I plan on putting the people back into government,” said Rey Garduño.

This over 20 member Community Advisory Board will serve as a sounding board for the new city councilor, so that he can get a community analysis of the issues that face District 6 and the city as a whole. “This will help him to better represent his constituents in the legislation that he proposes and how he votes on the many bills up for consideration on the city council,” said Javier Benavidez a member of the advisory board.

Summing up the Community Advisory Board, Garduño said, “It’s really the way government should function, and the way it was always meant to function: For the People, By the People.”

Community Advisory Board Members:
Steve Allen
Floy Barrett
Javier Benavidez
Aurea Cardiel
Enrique Cardiel
Lucille Córdova
Chris Fairchild
Ilsa Garduño
Tomás Garduño
Kizito Wijenje
Rachel Lazar
Joaquin Lujan
James Maestas
Don & Michelle Meaders
Michelle Melendez
Ann Nihlen
Eric Schmieder
Lauro Silva
Phil Tonne
Sonny Weahkee
Lisa Wisdom
The list is dynamic, and is sure to grow as time goes by. If you are interested in being on Rey's Community Advisory Board, email Rey at

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