Friday, February 8, 2008

Growers' Market Resolution Passed

City Councilor Rey Garduño’s first sponsored resolution has been passed, enacted, and published. R-07-11 will create a Growers’ Market Study Group to examine ways to strengthen local Growers’ Markets and to recommend change to local ordinances or regulations dealing with Growers’ Markets.

The Study Group will consist of:
· A representative of the Mid-Region Council of Governments who is active in Growers’ Markets issues.
· A representative of local farmers who has experience with Growers’ Markets.
· A manager of a local Growers’ Market.
· A representative of the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association.
· A representative of a local neighborhood association, selected by the Office of Neighborhood Coordination.

This resolution has had a great response from folks, including JoAnne McEntire from 1000 Friends of New Mexico:
“New Mexicans love fresh fruit and vegetables and we support protecting our agricultural heritage. Farmers markets are a key link between local growers and Albuquerque residents. This bill will help improve the markets successfulness.”
Special Thanks to SWOP and Marjorie for the pics!


Anonymous said...

nice post julian, see we are already making a difference! tomas.

Anonymous said...

omm, yum! I'm already thinking of those fruits and vegies. and its economic developement without tax subsidies... what a novel concept.