Monday, October 1, 2007

ABQ Tribune Endorses Rey!

Along with the Alibi and every progressive public official in New Mexico, the Tribune endorses Rey Garduño for City Council District 6.

9-29-07 Editorial: The Tribune recommends

The Tribune's endorsements in Tuesday's Albuquerque elections

The Tribune today is publishing all of its endorsements in Tuesday's Albuquerque municipal elections. We are endorsing in all City Council districts facing elections except District 8, where the candidate is unopposed.
City Council races

District 6 - Rey Garduño
In this race involving four good candidates, Garduño stands out as the one who most fiercely advocates for the expanses of District 6 that some consider disadvantaged. His positions in favor of smart growth and inner-city redevelopment will benefit other District 6 areas that are prospering more lately, such as Nob Hill - but he's clear about wanting to bring the kind of attention given to Nob Hill to other parts of the district.
Garduño has been living in and advocating for the district for 33 years. The longtime businessman, public information officer for Albuquerque Public Schools and recently retired University of New Mexico Hospital employee is unabashedly "progressive" - as is much of his district. His higher-profile work has included fighting for open and ethical elections, and a higher minimum wage in Albuquerque. But he has also been involved in community organizing around any number of issues in the Southeast Heights. He has received the blessing of by far the largest raft of progressive political figures.
Garduño's aggressiveness, compared with other candidates', on important issues such as restraining urban sprawl, is likely to cause some contention on the council and with the Mayor's Office. But there's no doubt Garduño cares deeply about his district and city.

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