Monday, February 25, 2008

Publicly Funded Campaigns in Santa Fe?

On March 4th, the Santa Fe electorate will be voting on Amendment 4 in the municipal election. Amendment 4 will have the City Council develop a public financed campaign system for City elections. This measure comes 5 months after Albuquerque held it's first municipal election where 5 of the 9 candidates for City Council had publicly funded campaigns, including District 6 City Councilor Rey Garduño. When asked about public financed campaigns, Rey who was a publicly funded candidate, had this to say;

"I support it because ... no developer-driven, corporate-driven, money-driven, special-interest candidate can hold sway over someone else."

To hear more from Rey, and to get more info on the Santa Fe Municipal Election, read this article by Julie Ann Grimm from the Santa Fe New Mexican.

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