Thursday, June 5, 2008

Inspirational Primary

This past Tuesday was an highly anticipated Primary Election for the State of New Mexico and set the ground heading into the November General Election and next years Legislative Session. In an unprecedented year where we have a U.S. Senate seat open, all three U.S. Representative seats open, and many State officials being challenged for their seats, Tuesday was the breaking point for many incumbents and candidates.

In what I view as a true watershed moment in New Mexico, many grassroots campaigns were able get into communities and start the engine for what turned into the locomotive for Community Driven Change in Local Politics.

Voters arrived in high numbers to vote for the community based candidates like; Former City Councilor for District 6 Martin Heinrich, whom won the Democratic Primary for the 1st Congressional District. He now will face Darren White in November.Eric Griego, another former City Councilor, beat incumbent James Taylor for the State Senate seat for District 14. We will see Eric in Santa Fe next year, because he is unopposed for the General Election. The State Senate District 17 seat will now be held be Tim Keller, whom was selected over incumbent Shannon Robinson and like Griego, Tim is unopposed in the General Election. Maybe the most exciting victory was union organizer Eleanor Chavez being voted into State Representative District 13 by beating incumbent Dan Silva. Many viewed it as a major upset but Eleanor was able to gain grassroots support, as well as mobilize new voters which ultimately proved the difference. Like above Eleanor is unopposed for the November election, so we will also see Eleanor in Santa Fe next year.

I would like to congratulate all the winners of the Primaries on Tuesday. It was an exciting and inspirational day for all New Mexicans, especially in the Albuquerque area. I look forward to working with all these grassroots-community based Representatives.

I believe nobody could have summed up "Grassroots-Tuesday" any better than the community lead State Representative Eleanor Chavez, whom told her community supporters on Tuesday night;

"This is not my seat....this is OUR SEAT."


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