Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Governor Richardson Appoints EXPO NM Redevelopment Task Force

Last week, Governor Bill Richardson announced that CH Johnson Consulting will develop a master plan for the State Fairgrounds redevelopment. CH Johnson will work with the EXPO New Mexico Redevelopment Task Force to develop the plan that;

"will incorporate ideas generated by the community into a plan that will best suit the needs of the State Fairground to include attractions, the equestrian center and additional uses for the property," said Governor Richardson.
Here are the Task Force members:

Brian O'Neill - New Mexico Sports Authority
Luke Otero - State Fair Commission
Vic Chavez - Chavez Grieves Engineering
Valerie Cole - New Mexico Horse Council
Mary Ann Weems - Gallery Owner
Bob McCabe - Architect, Former City of Albuquerque Planning Director
Representative Al Park
Representative Sheryl Williams-Stapleton
Senator Cisco McSorley
Bianca Ortiz Wertheim - City of Albuquerque
Lawrence Rael - Mid Region Council of Governments
Sam Bregman - Albuquerque Thunderbirds
Mahlon Love - Former State Fair Commissioner
Joanne Landry - Neighborhood Community Leader
Jay Czar - New Mexico Mortgage and Finance Authority
Senator-Elect Tim Keller
Judith Espinoza - EXPO New Mexico
Mike Sivage - Albuquerque Builder and Developer
Fred Peralta - Former EXPO New Mexico Director
Gary Morton - Equestrian
Task Force
Caroline Stevenson - Equestrian Task Force
Eddie Corley Jr. - Former State Representative

If you look close enough, there are 3 equestrian representatives and 1 community/neighborhood representative. It makes me question the reasoning for muting the neighborhood voice because the horse trailers have easier access off of I-40, then it would have in Mesa del Sol.

This is nothing against the equestrian community because they are an amazing asset to the Albuquerque community and have an amazing history in New Mexico, but I am disappointed that the EXPO neighbor who stares into a giant wall from their window is being silenced.

Now it is up to not only the communities surrounding the fairgrounds but the Albuquerque community as a whole to hold the Elected Officials accountable to the community voice.

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