Friday, February 20, 2009

Interantional District Passed the City Council Unanimously

R-09-203 was officially passed at the February 18th City Council Meeting. This resolution recognizes the area in and around Louisiana and Central and the surrounding areas as the International District.

Now that the County of Bernalillo and the City of Albuquerque are recognizing the International District, (click this link to view City Council Meeting, bill is heard at 2:49:00) the State in next. Senator Tim Keller has introduced a Joint-Memorial that recognizes the International District.

Next Thursday, February 26th the Memorial will be heard on the Senate Floor at 10:30am. Afterward, Senator Keller will be hosting District 17 Day, from 2pm to 4pm, which will celebrate the International District.

Join us in Santa Fe for District 17 Day and celebrate the International District, it's the IN thing to do!

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