Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News From Santa Fe

from Democracy for New Mexico

Rep. Eleanor Chavez Intros Bill Mandating Name Tags for Lobbyists

Go Rep. Chavez! It would be helpful for people to know who's who in the lobbying department. First term Representative Eleanor Chavez (D-Bernalillo) introduced HB 535 today, which would require each lobbyist to wear an identification badge while in the state capitol during a regular session, a special session, extraordinary session or interim committee meetings.

The identification badge, which would be issued by the Secretary of State, would have to disclose the lobbyist’s name, the word “lobbyist” and the lobbyist’s employers.

“We in the Legislature need to know at a glance who the lobbyists are and who they represent,” said Rep. Chavez. “This measure will bring critically needed transparency to the legislative process and will increase the public’s confidence in our government.”

The recommendation to require lobbyists to wear badges disclosing their names and clients was one of the recommendations adopted by the Governor’s Task Force on Ethic’s Reform in 2007. HB 535 also increases the annual filing fee for filing a lobbyist’s registration statement with the Secretary of State from $25 to $35.

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