Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Councilor Rey Garduño Featured on Duke City Fix

The Crosswalk Wars: Garduño Steps In

NOB HILL--City Councilor Rey Garduño has entered the fray of what might be called The Crosswalk Wars of Nob Hill. He is about to introduce a resolution in the City Council that would establish two more traffic signals, one at Central and Wellesley. and the other at Central and Morningside. A City Council resolution would be a way to out-flank the city administration which says that any more signals in Nob Hill are not warranted.

If ever a city street needed a crosswalk more than Nob Hill's Central Ave., I would be hard pressed to name it. It is one of the busiest streets for both vehicles and pedestrians in the entire state. Yet there is but one designated crosswalk of any kind between Richmond and Washington, a distance of almost exactly one mile. That crosswalk is the stoplight at Central and Carlisle.

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Cuerpo Aztlan said...

Thanks for updating this blog. It is really helpful!

I think if there is any place more in need of a light than Nob Hill it would at Central and Texas where you have a clinic and a senior housing development. Maybe the light on Pennsylvania could be moved or a lighting plan developed.

I think there are more pedestrian accidents East of Washington than in Nob Hill.