Monday, November 30, 2009

Senator Tim Keller Introduces State Investment Legislation

Recent headlines of the misuse of public funds by government have dismantled the communities trust in our government and it's officials. With new minds entering leadership roles that had been dominated by Good Ol' Boy politics, legislation and policies are begininng to be put in place to re-establish transparent government and the publics trust. One step in the right direction was my "Sunshine Bill" which directed the City to post important information on the City's website. Click here for the bill and more info. This measure will be operational on the City's website in the spring.

My colleague, Senator Tim Keller, who represents NM Senate District 17 which includes areas of Council District 6 and the International District, has proposed legislation to address the lack of confidence in our governance. Senator Keller's legislation restructures the State Investment Council, reforms the Chief Investment Office, and would allow the Attorney General to prosecute for investment fraud.

These proposals are being discussed at this afternoons Investments Oversight Committee. To read the full Democracy for New Mexico write up, click here.