Wednesday, April 29, 2009


City Councilor Rey Garduño attended a Presentation by ACHIEVE, Action Communities for Health, Inovation, & EnVironmental changE, yesterday and wanted to share the 10 Tips for Better Health and the 10 Things Your Doctor Didn't Tell You.

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Conventional 10 Tips for Better Health
1. Don't smoke. If you can, stop. If you can't, cut down.
2. Stay on a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.
3. Make sure you stay physically active and exercise at least 3 times a week.
4. Manage stress by, for example, talking things through and taking time to slow down, or planning relaxing get-aways.
5. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.
6. Cover up in the sun, and protect children from sunburn.
7. Make sure you practice safer sex.
8. Don’t forget regular check ups with your family doctor and get screenings for cancer.
9. Be safe on the roads: Follow the highway code and wear your seatbelt.
10. Learn the first-aid ABC: airways, breathing, circulation.

What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You
1. Don't be poor. If you can, stop. If you can't, try not to be poor for long.
2. Live near good supermarkets and affordable fresh produce stores
3. Live in a safe leafy neighborhood with parks and green space nearby.
4. Work in a rewarding and respected job with good compensation, benefits, and control over your work.
5. If you work, don’t lose your job or get laid off.
6. Take family vacations and all the benefits you are entitled to.
7. Make sure you have wealthy parents.
8. Don’t live in damp, low-quality housing, next to a busy road or near a polluting factory.
9. Be sure to own a car, so you don’t have to rely on under-funded public transportation.
10. Learn how to fill in the complex housing.

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Anonymous said...

Inspect away Congestion! The city should toughen inspections for medical, psychiatric and vehicle reasons to cut down the number of congestion. This way, we will also get the voters against congestion pricing, who live in Bayside and Staten Island, to move away. Free health care means psychiatric care for all those angry talk radio white males!