Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Capital Battle

from the New Mexico Independent

By Marjorie Childress 4/15/09 1:57 AM

ALBUQUERQUE — An ongoing turf-war between Mayor Martin Chávez and Albuquerque’s City Council bubbled up yesterday, this time over the city’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP).
Apparently, the city attorney and the mayor think the Council amended and passed this year’s CIP budget too late, which means the mayor’s version will go before voters in October.

The Capital Improvement Program funds projects like parks, roads, and city buildings.
The final legislation approved by the council on April 6 eliminated several of the mayor’s high profile priorities — including a $6.48 million lagoon intended for swimming at Tingley Beach as well as infrastructure for a big soccer field complex to be built on the far West Side near I-40 and Paseo del Volcan. SunCal Corporation offered to donate that land after the Council cut funding, with the Mayor making the offer to the Council on March 13.

But now, City Attorney Bob White — a long-time appointee of the mayor — says the Council didn’t follow the proper timeline, which means the mayor’s original proposal stands.

In response, city councilors said at a press conference late yesterday that White is mistaken, and that the decree represents an encroachment on the council’s power.

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